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        Address :  No. 1, Street 1,                                        Tel             : 84618860 561 / 8860 562

                         Bien Hoa I Industrial Zone,                    Fax             : 84-61-8860 573

                         Dong Nai Province, Viet Nam.                E-mail        :                                                                                                                               Website   :



(Validation from 20 September 2011 until 01 January 2012)




Located in Giang Dien and An Vien communes, Trang Bom District and Tam Phuoc commune, Bien hoa City, Dong Nai Province.



Add          :  No.1, Road 1, Bien Hoa 1 IZ, BienHoaCity, DongNaiProvince

Tel            : (84.61) 8860 561/8860 562

Fax           : (84.61) 8860 573

E-mail       : /

Website    :  


         Located in the largest area of industrial region of Dong Nai Province

         Suitable for  processing and labor-intensive industries


         Total area                                : 529.2 ha

         Total land available for lease  : 319.58 ha



Rental Price: (not inclusive of VAT)

         Business space rental: One-time payment for the whole leasing period (to the year 2058): US$ 35-45/m2(the price is subject to negotiation)

         Management fee: 0.75 USD/ m2/year

         Land using fee   : 0.5 USD/ m2/year


         Closely located to Giang Dien Residential and water-fall resort.

         4km towards northern to the National Road No.1

         9km towards western to the National Road No.51

         12km towards southern to the Long Thanh International Airport

         51km to the TanSonNhatInternationalAirport

         20km to the Bien Hoa City

         47km to the CatLaiPort

         40km to the Saigon Bridge (on National Road No.1)

         51km to the VICT Port (Dist. 4, HCMC)

         39km to the Go Dau Port

         47km to the Phu My Deep Water Port (Tan Thanh Dist. Ba Ria province)

         55km to CaiMepPort (Ba Ria – Vung Tau province)

Cost of Container transportation:
+ From the IZ to Tan cang, Cat Lai port: 120 USD (20′); 160 USD (40′).
+ From the IZ to Cai mep, Vung tau
port: 230 USD (20′); 290 USD (40′). 


1. Corporate Income Tax (CIT)

– Rate: 25% should be applied for all the types of projects basing on the Government’s Decree 124/2008/ND-CP dated December 11, 2008.

– Rate: 10% should be applied for 15 years. Exemption in 4 years and 50% CIT reduction for 9 consecutive years basing on the Government’s Decree 124/2008/ND-CP dated December 11, 2008 and should be applied the incentives tax for new investment projects as follow:

+ High technology as prescried by law, scientific research and technological development.

+ Development of water plants, power plants, water supply and drainage systems; bridges, roads, railways; airports, river ports, airfields, stations and other infrastructure works of special importance as decided by the Prime Minister.

+ Manufacture of software products

2. Import machines and equipments

Import & export tax exemption of machines for fix asset creation: Equipments, machines, spare parts, patterns, accessories enclosed with equipment and machine, means of transport and specialized transport vehicles and construction materials have not been produced at the local.

– Export tax exemption of goods which is manufactured to export of goods

3. Tax for the oversea remittance: Free of tax rate for the overseas remittance.

4. Value Added Tax (VAT):

VAT should be applied for goods and services circulated and consumed in Vietnam. VAT is collected through production, trading and provision of services. 

– VAT rates are 0%, 5%, and 10%, respectively.  The 0% rate applies to export of goods and certain services including sales to EPZs. 


Supply from the national gridline by the Song May sub-station through 110KV transmission line and 110/22kV transformer station


     Capacity:  15,000 m3/day (Phase 1: 5,000 m3/day)

     Charge   : as promulgated by Dong Nai People’s Committee.               


– Wastewater treatment plant with maximum capacity of 12,000m3/day
(Phase 1: 3,000 m3/day)

      Wastewater to be treated: both domestic and industrial wastewater

      Treatment fee (to meet the allowable limits of standards) above:
US$ 0.32 /m3
(not inclusive of VAT), subjected to be increased based on level of pollutants

      Chargeable volume is counted at 80% of supplied water volume

      Standard of discharged water released from the IZ: QCVN 24:2009/BTNMT


Modern telecom system with IDD switchboard, facsimile, ADSL Internet, and VoIP.


Labor coming from neighboring region will meet the demand of investors in Giang Dien IZ.

Average salary:

Worker: 97-100 USD/person/month

Engineer / technician / office staff: 150 – 200 USD/person/month.

– Chief division / chief accountant / manager: 200 – 300 USD/person/month.


Investment fields calling for investment (at low pollution level):

      Manufacturing, producing high technology products in the fields of telecommunication and information technology;

      Manufacturing, producing high technology products in the fields of  automation, mechanics – electronics, accurate mechanics;

      Manufacturing, producing new and high technology products in the fields of construction materials;

      Manufacturing, producing biological technology products;

      Producing and assembling electrical goods, electronic, digital equipment, audiovisual equipment;

      Producing electric wire, power cable;

      Producing, assembling car and accessories for car, motorbike, bicycle;

      Producing, assembling kinds of engine, accessories, control equipments for aviation and navigation;

      Producing, processing mechanics;

      Producing metallic products, equipment, machinery, office equipment; 

      Producing health instrument, sport instrument, children’s toy, teaching instrument;

      Producing jewelry, imitation jewelry;

      Producing, providing interior decoration products;

      Producing high-grade wooden furniture;

      Producing industrial products made from plastic, rubber, glass;

      Producing pharmaceutical products, agricultural medicine…

      Other industries do not cause the environment pollution

RESTRICTED INDUSTRY  based on letter 8599/UBND-CNN dated 11/12/2006

High-polluted industries: Processing starch, Processing latex,  production of basic chemical ( making waste water in process), Project for Textile factory having dying with capacity of 10 million meters/year over, first stage of leather, plated industries, Project for processing aquatic product, Production of vegetation protection medicines, Production fertilizer (making waste water in process) , production of pulp.


Investors who apply for land rental in Giang Dien industrial park as early at the first phase will be given priority to choose the place, area and many other incentives such as:         

         Be supported to accomplish the investment procedure in the industrial park.

         Be supported in the recruitment of local workers.

         Be given privilege in legal lobby.

Sonadezi Corp is always willing to introduce, guide, and help the investor to complete necessary procedures in shortest well as supply rapidly the full necessary information to investor about Preferential Policy, Human resource, Labor cost, and Transportation cost by road, seaway and airway, the list of carriers, contractors, and service suppliers.



For any further information, please contact:



Tel                                          : +84-61-8860 561/ 8860 562

Fax                                          : +84-61-8860 573

Email                                       :

Website                                 :



Tel                                          : +84-61-8966 688/ 8966 689

Fax                                          : +84-61-8966 688

Email                                       :


Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan Vice Manager – Business Department

                                           SONADEZI Corporation

Mobile                                   : +84 913 850 622

Email                                       :

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dai – Vice Director of Sonadezi Giang Dien

Mobile                                   : +84 918 217 619

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For any further information, please contact:





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